Installing WordPress on Bludomain hosting. A step by step illustrated guide


There is much to like about Bludomain websites, they are attractive and well priced, but this article deals with how to put the free self-hosted version of WordPress on your existing Bludomain hosting account. All the screen captures and instructions below are from a recent Bludomain WordPress install I just completed. Bludomain makes it relatively simple.

Step 1) Login to your Bludomain hosting account. This will bring you to the cpanel account management screen. Below is a screen capture from a typical Bludomain hosting account. Scroll down the screen until you find the section titled “Soneuare / Services”. In that section you should see an icon for “Fantastico Deluxe”. Those elements are highlighted below in yellow. Click on the Fantastico Deluxe icon.

Step 1 installing WordPress on Bludomain

Step 2) The Fantastico Deluxe screen looks like the one below. Fantastico is a great script that will install WordPress for you. Just find the WordPress option in the left sidebar. In the image below it is highlighted in yellow. Click on the WordPress text link.

Step 2 installing WordPress on Bludomain

Step 3) You should now see the screen illustrated below. Take the time to read it. (Note is there is any current WordPress installation and if there is make note of where it is installed. In this hosting account there is not. ) To install WordPress click on the “New Installation” link.

Step 3 installing WordPress on Bludomain

Step 4) This is where you provide the setup information. As you can see in this screen you need to tell Fantastico where on your Bludomain hosting account to install WordPress. I usually instruct it to install into a subdirectory called “wp” or “blog”. It is not important what you call it, but WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS THAT WORDPRESS IS INSTALLED IN A SUBDIRECTORY. It it is installed in the main or root directory it may interfere with your Bludomain website. Just go through the screen.

  • Choose the domain name
  • Enter your subdirectory name
  • In “Admin access data” section enter the admin name and password you want to have to be able to login into your WordPress intall
  • In the “Base configuration” section enter the posting nickname you want to use, the email you want to have in case you lose your password, the name of your blog (east to change later) and the tag-line description of your new blog (also easy to change).

(Take a moment and save your username and password to a notebook or file.)

Now click on “Install WordPress”

Step 4 installing WordPress on Bludomain

Step 5) This is a confirmation screen. Read through it and if it is as you want, click “Finish installation”

Step 5 installing WordPress on Bludomain

Step 6) You are done! It will take just a minute or two. You now have a free self-hosted WordPress blog on your Bludomain website’s domain name.

The final screen will have your access and login details. You can copy them to a file for safe keeping, if you didn’t do already in Step 4. You can also click the URL for your new WordPress blog and login to its admin dashboard panel.

Just like any blog platform, there is a lot more to do; select a theme, style it to your preference and optimize it for security and SEO. I will touch on some of that in a future Bludomain / WordPress post in the future if there is sufficient interest.

Note: If you have any questions send me an email. Non-Bludomain hosting accounts supporting Bludomain sites should be similar, but there are often some small differences. Again if you have a question send me an email I’ll try to help.

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