How to have a logo or watermark on your real-time Instagram photos


Instagram is becoming a very effective social marketing tool, yet without all the ads and interruptions that plague many other more “mature” social platforms. Instagram is still refreshing, fun and insightful!

The reason to add a watermark to your Instagram pics is not to keep your photo from being stolen. (Instagram pic files are pretty low quality anyway.) The reason a watermark is useful on Instagram is to keep your name and underlying purpose gets lost.  Many of us Instagrammers search/follow #tags for related images. Lately I have been doing it for #Maui looking for places to see, stay and things to do. Lots of great pics, but little information particularly on pics from resorts, tours and attractions, plus many of the related Instagram user names (again particularly older accounts) are almost impossible to interpret as a business.

By adding a small overlaying logo watermark and slogan you can help guide the interested Instagrammer to your service or product easily and unobtrusively, plus build your brand.

After trying a number of methods and apps I have found one that works great. It is simple and quick and works in real-time with only two extra clicks. The only way it would be better is if it was already built into the Instagram app. But until then SALT logo is the way to go for adding a watermark to real time Instagrams. Give it a try –

Image of download page SALT Instagam logo app android

Please keep in mind that you will still have to create the watermark/logo that you wish to have overlay your Instagrams in an application like Photoshop. But once you do that and upload, it is ready to go anytime you want. One last thing I like about the SALT logo app is does not automatically overlay every Instagram you take.

Final note: you might also check to see if you have the geo-location turned on in your Instagram account.

If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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