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Teleseminar recording with exceptional wedding/bridal marketer Lori Osterberg

A lot of people have asked when this recording would be available and I just finished the editing and upload. I think it was the best, most valuable teleseminar for wedding/bridal marketers yet! This last Wednesday evening was our regular monthly Great Wedding Network wedding/bridal marketing teleseminar. Guest expert Lori Osterberg CEO of Vision of Success and author … Read more

Not all websites are created equal. There is a difference, the most important ones you can’t see

Not all websites are created equal

Here is what I mean. Some websites are passive websites that require you to market them. They are search marketing inept and need Adwords and other paid promotion to receive visitors. My websites are dynamic sites with active search marketing and SEO features and are social network aware to continually present your goods and services … Read more