Content ideas for your web/blogsite and better search engine rankings

Web/blogsites can deliver you the highest Google rankings and traffic for a very low cost. While reinforcing your reputation and profitable social marketing efforts. If you are in real estate our WordPress based blogsites make it easy to feature your listings as posts (helping to keep your listing sellers happy too), but more variety is needed. But, about what other blog post topics and how? Wat can be used for good content? After all it can take hours to create a good post from scratch.

Your postings need to have a target purpose and use search marketing keywords and phrases that are significant to your target market. One of the best and most direct articles on creating content for your web/blogsite I have come across is Brandon Cornett’s “11 Content Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog“. The article provides an excellent outline of how to take a lot of what you do almost every day and easily use it for interesting content. One of my favorites is his number 1, that is recycle emails, or as Brandon says “repurpose”,

  1. Do you spend a lot of time answering questions by email? Start saving these emails in a special folder within your email program. This could become blog content.

Repurposed old blue jeans for a kitten snugglieThe rest of the article is similarly filled with another 10 good ways to share your expertise and personality with your web/blogsite visitors. Please take abut 15 minutes check it out, I think you will find it worthwhile regardless of your business or profession.

No other website platform can deliver you the marketing results with as little effort as a WordPress based website. With WordPress’ new feature set it makes WordPress an ideal scalable content management system for many businesses, large and small.

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