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Newest WordPress Real Estate Website –

It has become well accepted by Real Estate marketing experts that WordPress is a great way for Real Estate professionals to communicate and interact and network on line with buyers, sellers and others. So you can think of what will happen when WordPress becomes the basis for a complete Real Estate … [Read more...]

Maximize Cyber Monday and all of December – Use Twitter

Last December Dell reported over $1 million in sales for their Dell Outlet through using Twitter. They don't have anything in the way of amazing programming and functions for this, they just announce deals and respond to potential customers. Twitter has been so successful for Dell, that recently it was … [Read more...]

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress in 7 Steps While Keeping Subscribers and Search Results (UPDATED)

It is easy to move the content of a Blogger blog into WordPress. But that is just the first part of moving your blog. You should really want to move all the benefits of your Blogspot blog to your new WordPress blog. This is particularly true for many photographers who have Bludomain or similar Flash … [Read more...]

Total Health Concepts’ Denver Dispensary – New Website

This is my non-traditional site of the season. Recently a client asked me if I might do for a their new legal medical marijuana dispensary what I had done for their other businesses' internet marketing efforts. (Yep, it is legal in Colorado, has been since 2000.) Looking to learn something new and keep … [Read more...]