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Another perspective on SEO for Wedding Photographers

This is one of the most accurate and complete discussions of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that I have read lately. SEO Is Not Just For Wedding Photographers Anymore Plus it mentions a number of helpful specific action points to improve most site's search ranking. (Although I do think he is a … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Flash or Blog to a full Premium Hybrid WordPress BLOGSITE for only $198.00

We have just decided to offer a cross-platform upgrade savings on our Kertesz premium WordPress blogsite for any site owner currently using a paid Flash or Blog template. And, even with this special offer we will do all installation and initial setup. Limited time - Flash site owners and bloggers - … [Read more...]

Blogger or WordPress … that is the question. UPDATED

This weekend I transferred a number of Blogger blogs over to WordPress. A frequent comment was that if they had known more they would have begun their blog on WordPress. While it doesn't really matter on what platform you begin your blog experience with, like a spoon or a fork ... Blogger and WordPress … [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal reveals average US wedding cost is really about $15K, or less!

One of the dirty little secrets of the wedding press is that the oft-repeated statistic that the averge US per wedding spending is approaching $30,000 is really a lie. Last May in a blog post titled "Lies, damned lies and statistics", I pointed this out using recent figures from The Wedding Report. … [Read more...]