My CameraDojo podcast with expert photographers Kerry Garrison and David Esquire on website search optimization/marketing and getting the most from your blog

If you haven’t been taking lessons at the CameraDojo, you probably should take the time to visit. It could only help you gain the skill to survive and thrive in meeting any challenge … even this economic recession.

Created by well known and respected photographers, Kerry and David, it is an excellent website to assist professionals in all areas of photography. All areas, and even in the non-imaging areas towards gaining the success (and comfort) that comes from effective marketing.

Recently they have recently had podcasts by such notables as Dane Sanders and … to my surprise … now even me. The podcast we did right before Christmas is now up and ready for your ears and thoughts. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Click here to listen to the podcast.

And to become a master, browse through the rest of CameraDojo’s terrific site including other podcasts, resources, specials, news, forum, etc. Learn to take better pictures and make the most of your photography budget. Camera Dojo has tips, tutorials, and product reviews for Canon, Nikon, and others.