New Improved StudioPress Genesis Information and Support Resource Search Engine

Today I added to the website the Google Custom Search Engine I created a few weeks ago to be able to search intensively for support resources related to StudioPress’ Genesis Framework and child themes.  As you can guess the search uses Google’s platform.

The reason for the new search is as StudioPress’ Genesis has developed they are now many different websites by different developer’s with useful information and valuable code snippets across the web.  In addition the many different sections current and past of StudioPress website holds tremendous information, but is oalmost undiscovered due fragmentation and to the search limitations of vBulletin and bbPress. By focusing Google on just the most useful Genesis information websites it helps me to get the wanted information regarding the StudioPress Genesis Framework and child themes without missing useful or having genesis logo New Improved StudioPress Genesis Information and Support Resource Search Engineunrelated and unneeded results.

Since it uses Google’s search platform you can even refine your search further by using the Google options for Basic search and Google’s Search Operators. The full word indexed sites in the custom search include StudioPress forums and tutorials and other resource sites by people like Nick the Geek, Bill Erickson, Brian Gardner, the Genesis Community on Google and many more expert Genesis resources.

Just enter your search terms in the form below –

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