meSome people say I am “a recognized expert in providing website based “personal engagement” marketing, search engine marketing and optimization for small business, using online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in conjunction with self-hosted WordPress ”

Probably it’s better to share why this useful – I feel the reason to have a website is not to just to a static business brochure online, but to have an active web-based sales tool taking advantage of the unique sales and marketing opportunities offered by today’s world wide web A good marketing and sales website can even ask for the order and process payment. Said simply it can enable you to have a dialog with many people at the same time, providing a proven path towards converting online visitors to leads and clients.

One of my websites for your business becomes almost an additional staff member, working 24/7. Every one of my website clients receives a custom dynamic website tailored to their business, mission, style and taste. All for an affordable expense that assures your profitability. Please read more about my work …