The Joy of a WordPress Based Website


One of my newer photography website clients (and a former Flash website owner) gets a lot business from Facebook. This morning he sent me an email with this link to the Facebook Developers Wiki asking if there was a way to automatically include the Facebook Share button on his website pages and posts. If you visit that link, it will give you a snippet of code that you manually place into each page/post, some instructions on where to place the code and it also tells you how to modify the code to change to the look of the Facebook Share box.

With WordPress there is an easier option than learning the code and manually placing the code in each page or post. There is a plugin that will do it automatically. All you need to do is install the Facebook Share WordPress plugin. The plugin is also documented in the Facebook Developers Wiki.

Part of the “joy” of a WordPress based website is the huge open source code community you become part of when you use WordPress. A community of people who are constantly creating new ways to enhance the basic WordPress code to make it one of the best website platforms available particularly for business marketing/networking. (Like the people who created and shared the Facebook Share plugin.) And it makes it especially easy for non-programmers to enhance their own website in almost any way wanted.

Unlike most Flash websites and other closed source platforms, you can make as many changes as you want to your website and not violate any copyrights. Yet, you can also use WordPress to even enhance most Flash websites and others.

If you have any question about enhancing WordPress, a WordPress website or adding WordPress to your current website send me an email.