Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

- Beware: Network Solutions 1-Click WordPress install stops you from ever using phpMyAdmin. Friends don't let friends use Network Solutions # My dog just ate a peach! Who knew dogs like peaches? Or maybe I have just been listening to too much Allman Brothers that's … [Read more...]

Facebook Fan Box Widget for Internet Marketing Success for Professionals

Below is the Fan Box Widget for my new Facebook Page. Just exploring options as I am setting up the my business page on Facebook I am undecided as to the effectiveness of this option. On one hand it will drive traffic to your Facebook page on the other hand that may be traffic you … [Read more...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

- It seems that Network Solutions has finally gotten its act together for hosting WordPress. They now allow WordPress to auto update itself. # Why do they call it SEO? Its not optimizing the search engine, it's optimizing the website for the search engine. # How to bend the … [Read more...]

Another Bludomain Website SEO Upgrade Success

James-Studios Main Page Before and After SEO MAkeover

It is pretty well established that a Bludomain website alone will never get good search results and resulting website traffic. Having experienced many months of poor search placement and website traffic, and then trying to SEO his Bludomain site to no avail Jim Bendewald of James Studio … [Read more...]

Temporary Landing Page for SEO Jumpstart temp landing page

It will often take a month or two or more after you get your domain name before you will have your final website. And it is not unusual for another month our two after that before your site is indexed. But as I have written before you can use that time to get your domain well indexed in … [Read more...]

Setting Up The Best Facebook Page For Your Business


Facebook Pages can boost the internet marketing of your small business significantly. They are well indexed by Google and other search enginges, plus Facebook itself is becoming a significant search engine. Not only is it a way for  increasing your presence in natural or organic … [Read more...]

How To Bend The Internet To Your Will

The internet is huge and complex, but we need to only affect a very small portion of it to achieve marketing goals that will make us as small business people very happy. But it takes creativity and understanding to affect the internet and achieve website marketing impact that will … [Read more...]

How SEO Professionals Can Get Your Website Kicked Off Google


Every day I see troublesome SEO "tips" recommending hidden text and other techniques for Flash websites like Bludomain and others. Usually these tips are provided, and often even defended, by well meaning amateurs. But still defending them even when it is brought to their attention … [Read more...]

Facebook and Friendfeed


This is an excellent Washington Post article by Chadwick Matlin that discusses Facebook's recent acquisition of Friendfeed.  And even better, provides insight into the use of Friendfeed and how Facebook may use its advantage, the ability to aggregate peoples activity from across many … [Read more...]