Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • Beware: Network Solutions 1-Click WordPress install stops you from ever using phpMyAdmin. Friends don't let friends use Network Solutions #
  • My dog just ate a peach! Who knew dogs like peaches? Or maybe I have just been listening to too much Allman Brothers …like that's possible #
  • The last day of Summer … it is snowing :( #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

Facebook Fan Box Widget for Internet Marketing Success for Professionals

Below is the Fan Box Widget for my new Facebook Page. Just exploring options as I am setting up the my business page on Facebook I am undecided as to the effectiveness of this option. On one hand it will drive traffic to your Facebook page on the other hand that may be traffic you wish would stay longer on your own website.

In any case if you want to use the Fan Box Widget on your WordPress website is is very easy. Here is some more detail on function and installation. After you get the Fan Box Widget script, it can be placed in a WordPress sidebar or page or post. Note – you will need to use the WP HTML edit view, the Visual view will break the script.

Let me know if you have any questions.

And please join me on my Facebook Page? Thanks!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • It seems that Network Solutions has finally gotten its act together for hosting WordPress. They now allow WordPress to auto update itself. #
  • Why do they call it SEO? Its not optimizing the search engine, it's optimizing the website for the search engine. #
  • How to bend the internet to your will. A quick lesson from Anthony Bourdain #
  • "Where did all the flowers come from?". Seems a blessing that they evolved are are now so many. #
  • Check this video out — Robert Reich explains the Public Option in 2.5 min #
  • Technorati: Discussion about “WordPress Just Made Millions of Blogs Real-Time With RSSCloud” – #

Another Bludomain Website SEO Upgrade Success

It is pretty well established that a Bludomain website alone will never get good search results and resulting website traffic. Having experienced many months of poor search placement and website traffic, and then trying to SEO his Bludomain site to no avail Jim Bendewald of James Studio Photography in Madison WI emailed for help.

I installed Kertesz2 on the same hosting account with his existing Bludomain site. This would allow for a better search engine friendly platform including management of an improved landing page, fully integrated Blog and better indexed About, Contact, Testimonials and Investment type page content. All on the same domain and integrated with his existing Bludomain site.

When he was ready after adding content and styling to his Kertesz2 template, I revisited his site, “wrapped” the existing Bludomain site with Kertesz2 and replaced the original splash page with the site’s new landing page and did some final SEO adjustments.

SEO Makeover Results

There is still a lot of content to add and details but almost instantly the site’s SEO score from went from a low 29 all the way up to 67 in the same day (click the links to read the reports). Plus the site now sends automatic message updates notifying search engines like Google, Bing and Technorati almost every time content is added to the site.

Plus main page of the site has gone from a low engagement black to a more engaging and dynamic layout. Here is the new look –

James-Studios Main Page Before and After SEO MAkeover

If you want to reduce your website advertising cost and yet get more traffic to your Bludomain website send me an email. Be ready for the upcoming booking season. I can help you do it yourself or do a complete fully styled layout and site design/build to your design ideas and preference for you, depending upon your budget.

Temporary Landing Page for SEO Jumpstart

It will often take a month or two or more after you get your domain name before you will have your final website. And it is not unusual for another month our two after that before your site is indexed. But as I have written before you can use that time to get your domain well indexed in search engines and even test some of your content.

Rather than let your hosting company leave up its standard “under construction” or “coming soon” default page or an image of your logo, put up a simple WordPress blog with just a post or two of your basic content and a little about your business and contact info. This will shorten the time until it is indexed and greatly improve your site’s search recognition. temp landing page
TECH 5 temp landing page

Recently (today) I took some time and did just this for a friend and his new telecommunications company, TECH 5.

His logo was done and he asked if I could replace the standard Network Solutions “coming soon” page with his new logo. I went a little further, I installed WordPress, uploaded the Atahualpa theme and a few plugins (cforms, All-in-One SEO and Google XML Sitemaps). Then added the logo and some content (that they already had put together for the new business) and voila … a temporary landing page that announces the new business with some major SEO mojo.

Admittedly it is not as pretty as the finished website will be, but it puts all the needed info out there right now in an easy to modify format, SEO optimized and it will make sure that the final website, when it is done, will enjoy as strong as possible search results from its first day on the domain.

If you have any questions feel free to send an email or leave a comment.

Setting Up The Best Facebook Page For Your Business

Facebook Pages can boost the internet marketing of your small business significantly. They are well indexed by Google and other search enginges, plus Facebook itself is becoming a significant search engine. Not only is it a way for  increasing your presence in natural or organic search, Facebook is a major potential communication channel for reaching many of your current or prospective customers. I get almost a quarter of my client communication through Facebook.

facebook-logoOver the next few days I will putting up Facebook Pages for a few of my small business clients. I have a checklist that I follow to make sure the Facebook Pages I create will be optimized within what Facebook allows in service and features.

If you want a Facebook Page for your business I would be pleased to do it for you for a small charge. Or if you are a DIY’er these are two of the best current online articles I know of to guide you through the best practice initial setup and creating a page with innovative features. To start a Facebook Page go here after you are logged into Facebook, but first read the two articles linked below.

The first article, “10 Key SEO Strategies Every Facebook Page Owner Should Know” is one you should read through before you even start a Facebook Page. Don’t even start your business’ Page until you know what you want to name it and what you would like as a good vanity URL

The second article showcases a few of the most innovative and ambitious Facebook Pages. “10 Successful Facebook Business Pages” has business pages with many features that may or may not be suited to your business or circumstance, but it shows what can be done with some of the applications in the Facebook application library.

Good luck, a Facebook Page will be a good thing for your business, any type of business, and let me know if I might help.

How To Bend The Internet To Your Will

The internet is huge and complex, but we need to only affect a very small portion of it to achieve marketing goals that will make us as small business people very happy. But it takes creativity and understanding to affect the internet and achieve website marketing impact that will achieve the goal.

Fortunately it seems that Anthony Bourdain has a remarkably strong grip and understanding on the quicksilver that is the internet. And Robert Donoghue shares a lesson he learned from Bourdain which help may show the way to bend enough of your corner of the internet to achieve your goals.

The question at hand was how to find good restaurants, and his answer was to take the city you want to go to and just google up some restaurant names that serve the dish you’re after. Then got to chowhound or another foodie site, and rather than asking about restaurants, you put up an enthusiastic post talking about how you just had the best whatever you’re looking for at one of these restaurants.

… Posters will show up from nowhere to shower you with disdain, tell you how that place used to be good but has now totally sold out and – most important to your quest – will tell you where you would have gone if you were not some sort of mouth breathing water buffalo.

Very subtle but it shows the effect and the channel by which just one person and a few words can “harness” the internet for their goal. I came across this a couple of years ago, and I often remember it when I am trying to come up with some way to help a client achieve their internet marketing goal. Blindingly obvious once it is explained. And something to think about when facing the huge complexity of internet marketing.

Tonight I am contemplating how to use Bourdain’s subtle approach to help create more linkbacks to a new website. Don’t know yet exactly how/what I am going to do, but you gotta love Anthony Bourdain … smart creative insights into life, love, food and even the internet.

If anyone has similar ideas or lessons please leave a comment.