Another perspective on SEO for Wedding Photographers

This is one of the most accurate and complete discussions of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that I have read lately.

SEO Is Not Just For Wedding Photographers Anymore

Plus it mentions a number of helpful specific action points to improve most site’s search ranking.

(Although I do think he is a little optimistic on the likely possibility of flash sites being in the top ten for most markets using general search terms)

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Blogger or WordPress … that is the question. UPDATED

This weekend I transferred a number of Blogger blogs over to WordPress. A frequent comment was that if they had known more they would have begun their blog on WordPress. While it doesn’t really matter on what platform you begin your blog experience with, like a spoon or a fork … Blogger and WordPress have differiences that deserve consideration as a tool to reach your objective. (Fortunately like a spoon or a fork, Blogger and WordPress are almost equally easy to use.)

So the choice depends on the objective. If your objective is to reach an audience that is primarily friends and family with a web-based journal, I think Blogger is probably your best choice, even over On the other hand, if your objective includes presenting your business or profession and engaging clients and potential clients then self-hosted is your best choice.

If you already have a website, cost is probably not a consideration because all the basic soneuare to operate a WordPress blog is free. Your web-host likely even has a “one-click” install function that you can use to do all WordPress the setup.

There are three important advantages with WordPress if you are considering using a blog to represent your business;

  • With self-hosted WordPress you have control. All the text, images, add-ons etc are on your server … under your control. Want to move, delete, enhance or anything you (not Blogger) control all the files. Your business should be under your control.
  • WordPress can expand as you need, it can even become the basis for a complete website. Recently businesses large and small such as the Time, the NFL, Martha Stewart, even the tiny Daily Coyote have moved from different blog platforms to WordPress. Over the last 18 months WordPress has become one of the premier website content managers allowing for low-cost and even do it yourself websites which can be managed without expensive soneuare and hardware. You can even manage a WordPress based website from an i-Phone. Your business can benefit from a low-cost operation and future expansion options
  • With WordPress it is easy and less expensive to route all your blog traffic using your own URL. With Blogger all your traffic will go to Blogspot. Blogs like Wedding Dish regularly get over 100 new visitors each day just from Google searches. Your URL is part of your business branding, it should always be the basis of your web presence.

And the answer is … in summary, if you want to share a journal with friends and family Blogger is the way to go, but if it is to do with your business or profession WordPress is the best choice.

p.s. – I think you can do it for yourself, but if you want some WordPress set-up help and orientation, let me know we have some very inexpensive services that will get you on track quickly.

UPDATE (11-27-08)

I recently came across this factor as to why if you are using your blog for business you should seflhost instead of using Blogspot. From HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing blog

Savvy technical people will tell you that the right way to move a website or blog from one domain to another is via what is called a “301 permanent redirect”. In lay person’s terms, what this means is that you setup a clean forwarding address from your old site to the new site. By using this approach, you don’t lose any of the search engine love you’ve pulled together. Guess what: Google does not let you do a 301 redirect from your old site to anywhere else if you’re using as your domain. Let me repeat this. If you currently have a blog that is something like and you build a ton of inbound links to the site, Google does not let you redirect that SEO value to a new site (like your company website). This is a Very Bad Thing. (emphasis added)

Wall Street Journal reveals average US wedding cost is really about $15K, or less!

One of the dirty little secrets of the wedding press is that the oft-repeated statistic that the averge US per wedding spending is approaching $30,000 is really a lie.

Last May in a blog post titled “Lies, damned lies and statistics”, I pointed this out using recent figures from The Wedding Report. Using The Wedding Report’s own data I shared that over 80% of the weddings in their data set spent less than half the amount they reported as “average”.

Recently, Christina Fredrichsen of directed me to a Wall Street Journal article “Weddings Are Not The Budget Drains Some Surveys Suggest” which further exposed this problem and even interviewed some of our profession’s leaders who work to perpetuate the spending falsehood.

It is not that I am against lux weddings and upscale brides. The troublesome issue with the misleading wedding cost reports is that the reports are purposefully packaged to misrepresent and oversell wedding professionals and brides-to-be misinformation as to the cost of the typical wedding. This can cause many problems for both the brides-to-be and wedding professionals.

How many wedding professionals decide that their best business plan is to cater to the “upscale” bride? Weddings with budgets above 30K. And invest in expensive marketing to execute that business plan? And go out of business only to find that they were marketing to less than 5% of the market? And ignoring over 80% of the US weddings.

And think about the young couples feeling stressed because their budget seems so much less that what they read on The Knot or in Conde Nast. And possibly go into debt just for what they have been told is the “average” wedding?

In today’s new economic reality I feel that for most wedding professionals it would be much better to positionand market to serve the majority of the marketplace. What could be called the “Wedding Populaire” or even Volks-Wedding. The idea of the average wedding trying to reach an almost unaffordable level of extravagance is no longer stylish … or possible.